Midwinter sunrise at the Standing Stones of Stenness beside Odin

Archaeological Sites in Orkney

Orkney has a huge range of archaeological sites to visit, scattered all over the Mainland, North and South Isles. The World Heritage Sites of Skara Brae, the Ring of Brodgar, the Standing Stones of Stenness, Maeshowe and the Ness of Brodgar, all of which date from the Neolithic Age - 5,000 years ago, lie close to Odin. The many other chambered cairns also date from this time. The freshness of these monuments stuns most visitors. Although there is little to see from the Bronze Age apart from Burnt Mounds, the impressive Brochs from the Iron Age more than make up for this. The Vikings also left much evidence, including the Round Kirk in Orphir and runic grafitti in Maeshowe. There are things to see from every Age in Orkney.

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The finest example of a chambered cairn in Orkney
Chambered Cairns
Tombs dating from the Neolithic - approx 5,000 years ago
Twelfth century Vikings left many runic inscriptions in Maeshowe
Skara Brae
Famous Neolithic village at Bay of Skaill dating from 3rd Millenium BC
Ring of Brodgar
Orkney's dramatic and impressive henge monument
Ness of Brodgar
Spectacular site of a "Neolithic Cathedral"
Standing Stones
Stone circle near Maeshowe
Barnhouse Settlement
Neolithic settlement near the Standing Stones of Stenness
Other Standing Stones
The Watchstone, Odinstone and Barnhouse Stone

Neolithic Age 4000BC on
Maeshowe, Standing Stones, Brodgar, Skara Brae, chambered cairns including Unstan, Cuween, Wideford Hill, Rousay Midhowe, etc, Holm of Papay and Tomb of the Eagles

Bronze Age 2000BC on Knowes of Trotty, burial cists, burnt mounds including at Liddle near the Tomb of the Eagles

Iron Age 700BC on Brochs including Burness, Midhowe on Rousay, and nearly 100 more

Picts early AD to 700s Symbol stones in Orkney Museum, Brough of Birsay, Broch of Gurness (houses)

Vikings 700s to 1468 Brough of Birsay, St Magnus Cathedral, St Magnus Kirk on Egilsay, Orphir Round Kirk, place names, old parts of Bishop's Palace

Scottish 1468 to present Skaill House, Tankerness House, Earl's Palaces, Bishop's Palace, Kirkwall Street, Scapa Flow, many WW1 and WW2 artefacts, Scapa Flow Visitor Centre on Hoy

Museums & Visitor Centres There are several museums and visitor centres to visit including Orkney Museum (Kirkwall), Stromness Museum, Corrigall Farm Museum, Kirbuster Museum, Skara Brae Visitor Centre, Broch of Gurness, Fossil and Vintage Centre (Burray), Scapa Flow Visitor Centre (Hoy), Highland Park Visitor Centre as well as small heritage museums on some of the outer islands, such as Westray and Stronsay.
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