Odin is exclusively situated between the lochs of Harry and Stenness, two of the best trout fishing lochs in Orkney.

Trout Fisher

Semphill, his hat stuck full of hooks
Sits drinking ale
Among the English fishing visitors,
Probes in detail
Their faults is casting, reeling, selection of flies,
‘Never’, he urges, do what it says in the books’.

George Mackay Brown


The lochs of Orkney provide some of the best trout fishing in the country with each loch providing a unique venue.  

Odin is situated on the Harray Loch which is widely regarded as the best trout fishing loch in Orkney. 

The loch extends over 2500 acres and features large areas of productive skerries, shallows, bays and points, and with over 14 miles of shoreline it is probably Orkney’s most popular wading loch, especially in the earlier part of the season.  As the season progresses and the water temperature increases then the fish move out into the deeper, cooler water, when boat fishing comes into its own.

Wading out from Odin is easy and very rewarding.  Later in the evening the sunsets can be magnificent!

Most of the photographs on Harray Loch were taken close to Odin.  The Merkister Hotel is situated at the far end of the loch from Odin

The Loch of Harray from outside Odin in midsummer
Fishing on the Loch of Harray
A Harray catch


Across the road from Odin is the Stenness Loch.  The loch’s semi-marine environment dictates that it is very much affected by the state and height of the tides, causing wide fluctuations in water height and salinity in the loch.  Odin again has the privileged position of being situated between the fresh water loch of Harray and the salt water loch of Stenness – an angler’s dream

The Lochs of Harray and Stenness from the north east

Loch of Stenness from Brodgar Bridge

Midsummer sunset from the Watchstone

This site will show you the Stenness Loch in more detail, sunsets over the loch, the Watchstone and the Stones of Stenness all taken from beside Odin.

Tight lines!

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