Orkney Landscapes and Seascapes

At every season there are marvellous views in Orkney. The weather and light are very changeable - it is said that all four seasons can occur in a day. If you do not like the weather right now just wait a while! Early morning and late evening may be the most enchanting times in summer, but sunrise and sunset can also be dramatic in winter.

During and after storms the coast can be dramatic, but it can be equally fine on a calm evening or summer's day. When in Orkney you will feel close to nature and feel the power of the elements and yet the place has a softness and gentleness about that is very relaxing and restful.

Sunset down Eynhallow Sound
Sunset over the Brough of Birsay
Eynhallow Sound and Rousay
Brough of Birsay
Yesnaby Castle
Stromness from the ferry
Lochs of Harray and Stenness
Marwick Head
Noup Head
Whitemill Bay, Sanday
Kirkwall Harbour Basin
Rough seas at Yesnaby

Orkney Landscapes and Seascapes

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