Ness of Brodgar

The Ness of Brodgar Neolithic site is one of the most exciting archaeological digs in the world. Odin is in the background over the bridge, a short walk away.

Orkney's "Neolithic Cathedral" Geophysical investigations of a field on the Ness of Brodgar peninsula revealed the presence of several large structures. A large scale archaeological dig has now being going on here for several years. A very large "Neolithic Cathedral" has been revealed.and has been quoted as being built to “amaze” and “create a sense of awe” among those who saw it.

It is about 20m in diameter, with walls up to 5m thick which survive to 1m high. Stone furniture, tools and pottery have been found. Much of the stonework is of very high quality. In summer the Brodgar Rangers run tours during the excavation season.

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