Orkney - Wildlife
Wild Flowers

Many Common and Grey Seals inhabit the coastal waters. The former have their pups in June/July and tend to lie up on rocky shore and skerries. Grey Seals have their pups in October/November mostly on small islands, but also on some more accessible rocky beaches.

Common Seal below Odin House
Grey Seal
Common Seal
Grey Seal pup

Otters are present, but elusive. The Lochs of Harray and Stenness are good places to see them, and they are seen crossing the Bridge of Brodgar sometimes. They are normally seen very early in the mornining or in late evening.

Sperm Whale
Otter near Odin
Otter with fish near Odin


Increasingly Cetaceans such as Sperm and Minke Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises and Killer Whales may be observed from the ferries and headlands. Occasionally other species such a Cuvier's beaked Whale or Fin Whale are washed up dead.

Blue Butterfly


Orkney has a large selection of insects, including several rare species of Bumble Bees, as well as resident and migrant Butterflies and Moths. Dragonflies may be seen on Hoy.


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